Make Learning Things Fun Using Educational Kid’s Games

If you’ve got little children then you realize the importance of having a good time while you learn. Children seem to always get more out of what you teach them if they are able to have fun while they’re doing it. You will be able to teach them several fun educational activities at home without needing to spend outrageous amounts of money on electronic learning games found in stores. Many times, you can even make these games on your own, without having to spend a lot of time, effort or expense. Here are a couple great ideas for unique learning games you can make for your child.

Alphabet Seeking

Learning the sounds of the alphabet and discovering words that start with those sounds is a wonderful activity for kids who do not yet know how to read. Make an “alphabet notebook” for your kid by filling up a three-ring binder with twenty-six plastic page protector sheets. Then, use a permanent marker to print one letter from the alphabet on each page, in both upper case and lower case. Alternatively, you could use brightly colored alphabet stickers to label the pages. Give your kid the notebook, a collection of old magazines, and a pair of round-tip scissors. They can then hunt through the magazines, searching for pictures of items that begin with every letter. When they discover one, they can cut it out and place it in the appropriate page pocket. As soon as they are all finished, go over the whole thing with them. If there are any pictures in the wrong page, talk about them and find the correct page together. You can then empty all of the page protector pockets, and your kid can play the game again. Another fun step to add to that is to allow your child to use the images they cut out to make a photo collage out of their magazine clippings, then place the collage inside a cute yellow picture frames, or whatever color they might like.

Scavenger Hunting For Numbers

You can change the difficulty of this game according to the skill level of your kid. If your child is just understanding how to recognize the different numbers and the way to count, then find ten sticky notes and write down the numbers one through ten including one number on every sheet. Then give the stack of sticky notes to your youngster and allow them to look all over the house for things that match every number. When they find a match, they may stick the adhesive note onto the item. For instance, if they were to find a TV that had 5 buttons on it then that would match the number “5,” and at the same time their bureau with three drawers would get a number “3,” and if you have several children you might even have them race to see who can find all of their numbers first. If your kid is older and is learning addition and subtraction, you may write math problems on all the notes and not the actual number. The goal would then be to solve the math problem and locate objects that match up with the answers. On the other hand, you could always use these sticky notes to teach different things by writing letters or perhaps colors on them. Don’t forget to take pleasure in this game yourself by observing your kid, and even taking some pictures to show later in a few pretty triple picture frames.

Not only will you and your child have a great time playing these fun games, but your child will learn a whole lot while they have a great time.